What is the best time to have my senior portraits taken?

We prefer to capture our images either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.   The quality of the outdoor light is just gorgeous at those times.   Early spring and late fall are our busy seasons and sessions can be difficult to get.   Book early and take advantage of the best weather.   Remember with the changes in time during the fall our afternoons are very short so we like to try to start shooting those sessions around 2:30 or 3:00 PM if possible to have the best light. Summer hours we like to photograph later in the afternoon around 4:30-5:00 PM for our outside sessions.


What happens if the weather is bad?

The weather is only bad if it’s raining.   If it is raining or too windy then we will reschedule the session.   If we’ve planned for any indoor shooting in your session, then we will still do the indoor portion.


What happens if I have to cancel my photo session?

We understand that things change and we are willing to make schedule changes if that happens.   However, at certain times of the year we may be extremely busy and it could be months before we can reschedule your session.   If at all possible, before you book a session make sure that your schedule is clear the day you book.   If you need to cancel and choose not to reschedule, you will forfeit the session fee, as we likely turned down other clients that we could have been shooting during your slot.


How do I decide what to bring to my shoot?

We’ll go over all that in more in detail when we schedule your appointment, but as a general rule, it’s smart to bring a few outfits.   You might want to include something casual, something dressy and something in between.   Sports uniforms, varsity jackets, jerseys, baseball bats, musical instruments, or whatever items that will help show what you love or what’s special about you are always a good choice.

Remember that your pictures should say something about you and show your personality.   What you choose to have in your photographs should be a reflection of that.

If you’re always playing with your iPhone, let’s try a photo with it.   If your favorite thing in the world is drawing, bring your sketchbook and some pencils.   If you love riding horses, let’s arrange something with the stable.   If you live for your car, we can try to find a way to work that into a few photos, too.   If you’d like to have a few photos taken with a family pet, we will gladly do that.   Our only condition is that you have another person along who can handle them so that you’re not distracted by its care.


If your mom, dad, sister, brother or best friend comes along, let’s do a photo or two of you together while we’re shooting your senior portrait.   We’re very open to trying fun and different things.


I can’t seem to get a straight answer when I ask about prices at a lot of other studios.   What’s it going to cost me to work with you?

Many studios don’t like to talk about costs until after you’ve already been photographed.   They charge a small sitting fee, and then after the images have been taken, charge an exorbitant amount for prints of those images.   This is a practice that we don’t agree with.   Our pricing is very clear, and you are free to inquire about pricing on our various paper and metal prints, books, posters, canvas, cards and announcement products.   You will have a very good idea going into your senior portrait project what your end costs will be.

If you ever have any questions about pricing, we will be happy to answer all of them up front – whether by phone, in person or by e-mail.   Our No. 1 goal is not only to make sure you’re really happy with the experience of being photographed and the pictures, but also with the way pricing is handled.

We recommend that you take the time to check out different studios, ask about their pricing and be a good consumer.   Don’t be fooled by low sitting fees, but also be sure to check out print costs and to ask what your total will be when their work is finished and the products you want are in your hands.


We also suggest meeting the photographer you’re planning to work with to ensure you have a good connection and that your personalities click.   Whether we’re the right studio for you or not, do your due diligence to be sure you’re happy with your pictures.


I’m interested!  Can you take me through the process from start to finish?

First, we like to meet with any potential client so you can meet us and discuss what sorts of things you’re looking for in a portrait experience.   We can also educate you on the products we provide.

Once you’ve decided to have your photos done with us, we will schedule an appointment for a portrait session, collect the Session Fee, and complete some paperwork.

During the session, we will share some of the photos we’re taking with you while we shoot.   This allows you to learn how your poses and facial expressions are translating to film, and so we can get feedback from you, since it’s important to us to ensure you’re happy with the results.

If you schedule an on-location shoot outdoors or at your school, that session usually will take place on a separate day

Once we’re done shooting, we take the images back to our editing studio and begin the detailed task of retouching, perfecting, and giving them some different and unique looks.   After your photos have been completed, we have a couple options.   Some prefer to invite friends and family over and make a “Senior Photo Party” by having us debut the photos via our iPad onto your HDTV (your TV will need an HDMI port).   This is a great way to make an “event” out of seeing the photos.   Whether or not you opt for the party, you can view them in a private online proofing gallery.   From there, you’ll pick your favorites.   We’ll then work with you to choose what images you would like to use for each of your chosen products.


Once the photos are matched up with the products desired, payment will be required in full for us to process it.   Generally, within 1-2 weeks after that, your products are in hand!


What if I don’t like my portraits?

We base our success on impressing our clients.   We guarantee that you will love your images or we will reshoot the session at no charge.   BUT… we must know this before we place the order for any products.   Once products are printed we can only make reprints because of a printing defect.